Few people sending me #RevReview2019 with flags for countries visited. How do you do that?

For me it’s right there once I open the app

Many thanks, not on mine though, maybe will pop in soon :wink:

Will come with the update, I guess.

Mine is not working :frowning:
Anyone with this problem?

Mine was lagging in the beginning after i refreshed it works properly. :tada:

RevReview2019 is not available for swiss users, why ? @AndreasK :frowning:

Because the updates are delivered progressively. You need version 6.24 (at least for Android that’s the version number).

I’m already on 6.24 but it seems that because Switzerland is not in EEA, we cannot enjoy this review… don’t really understand why though :frowning:

Uuum, yeah. guess so