Revolut's virtual cards and Disposable cards are now Mastercards


In the Czech Republic, virtual cards are Mastercards only. Is there a possibility to create a VISA card?


You can only get what the app shows you. Virtual or physical.


It was possible. But it’s not anymore.


Revolut and Google Pay for in-store payments with the new mastercard virtual card.


I guess It’s coming SOON™! Maybe in 2020.


Yes, I can confirm.
I have Mastercard for disposable and virtual cards.


Shame they want me to pay for another virtual card :joy: I’m not getting rid of my visa for a MasterCard one

Suppose I would probably swap to mobile wallet only if they enabled that for both MC and Visa on Apple and Google Pay :thinking:


Wait… That means I won’t bw able to withdrawal money from PayPal to Revolut anymore?


According to Leon at customer support. Viritual Mastercards are introduced country by country, as the agreements are negotiated and signed. That’s probably why many countries have them, but Norway does not.


If I try to add a virtual MasterCard, the app tells me that I will be charged £5, which I assume is because I already have a virtual Visa card. If I remove my virtual Visa card and then add a virtual MasterCard, will I be charged £5?


I think it will be free however you might need to wait a few days after removing your virtual Visa. And there will be no way to get Visa back.


Every second card, either virtual or physical, costs the spare card fee. Only the first card, either virtual or physical, doesn’t have an issuance fee.

(You would have to delete all cards, physical and virtual, to avoid this fee that’s called „Additional Revolut Card Issuance Charge“ in the T&Cs.)


That used to be the case, but then the pricing seemed to change in that the first physical card and the first virtual card are both free. At least that was the case when I got my virtual Visa card and I already had a free physical card.


T&Cs do not seem to have changed regarding this.


Only when you are on a free plan. Paid plans do not have to pay for any cards, right? At least I didn’t so far.


I did not have to pay anything doing exactly this. I also did not have to remove my physical card.


The original question I was referring to was about the free plan.


That’s unexpected and good to know! Damn, I really don’t like it when not even T&Cs show reliable informations.

One last question about this, just out of curiosity: was your physical card somehow issued during a promotion of any kind and is therefor excempt from the system somehow?


Not really during a promotion, but I did get it for free, because my previous physical card had (almost) expired.


Mine was, even though your question wasn’t aimed at me.