Revolut's virtual cards and Disposable cards are now Mastercards


Newly created virtual cards are no longer Visas. They are Mastercards! And same for disposable cards.

Disposable virtual card bug

For me (I am from the Netherlands) in the screen where I can choose them it still shows Visa.


I’m in the UK, and when I added a virtual card last year, it was Visa. If I now try to add another one, it is indeed MasterCard. If I try to add an additional physical card, it’s still Visa.


Pity it is not for the Netherlands :frowning_face:. Any luck at adding the virtual Mastercard to GooglePay?


That’s fun. It used to be Mastercards when they were introduced. Then switched to Visa. Now back to Mastercard. Bonus: the new Mastercards are „localized“ and work with regional iTunes accounts.


I only ever got M/C once using virtual cards; everything else was VISA.

Now it shows M/C whenever I try to create one.


It works my dude! I have added that new virtual card to Google Pay successfully! Tomorrow I’m gonna try it in some store.


It looks to me that it depends on the country you’re located in. I’m located in Norway and does still only get viritual and disposable VISA’s.


I could also get a MasterCard, both physical and virtual, now. A few days ago, these options did not exist. And currently no Visa option anymore.


Those new virtual MasterCards wont work with Apple Pay by any chance? Who wants to try it out? :rofl:


Tried that too, doesn’t work :frowning:


So I could add to Google Pay even a disposable card. :joy: However it’s been declined in store. I was in rush so I hven’t tried virtual card. Anyone tried?



It works! I could pay in store via Google Pay with new MC virtual card.


not working in Greece :frowning:


What is not working? Can you get Mastercard now?


No change for the virtual cards in Norway here, still good old VISA :slight_smile:


The virtual mastercard works with google pay in Denmark


yeah, Czech Republic too.


Virtual mastercard works for me with google pay in Denmark


Ok Revolut. When Apple Pay? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: