Revoluts fraudulent behavior



Once more Revolut states that it has not received funds from me even though I have sent a proof of transfer several times.

I am really stunned how irresponsible or straight-up fraudulent this company is. This will bear consequences!


Transfer from Paypal still pending

If I understood you well, you have proof that many is sent. Please note, that this may or may not mean that money achieved the destination point… There can be at least a few reasons why they don’t have your money.


you are pretty annoying with your “real” bank comments. how much are they paying you for doing that ?


I’m just telling the truth my friend.


Digits were all correct support was able to confirm that. It was a € transfer.

Asked my bank to prepare a doc on the transaction proving that it reached the destination. Since this is a paid service I already started investing more money into recovering my funds.