Revolut Youth

Any news on this ?
Can’t wait to get card for my kids :slight_smile:

Been reading about this and it says that will roll out end of 2019 or beginning 2020.



On last RevRally in London they’ve promised it until the end of year.


Hi @AndreasK. We are in 2020 now:) Any news in this topic?


@Revolut, is there any update on when you launch Revolut Youth? It is so disappointing to make announcements like years ahead before you finally launch a new feature. I want to open a account for my children but will go soon to my “standard” bank who offers this since years. (free of charge until the age of 18 including an excellent mobile app)


I beieve it’s stil in progress and should arrive soon. Read something about it a few months ago.

Still no news?

I’m also waiting…

There is no news on :r: youth .
All we got is few year old video, which promised it by the end of 2019…
I was waiting for it desperately, but gave up.
Using go-henry now, but still curious what :r: will offer.
Though Go-henry cost me 3.99£ per/month per child.

Revolut are very poor at getting back on their promises. I can’t see why they have no youth account. My local bank has this facility along with a debit card. Come on Revolut pull the finger out and get this done!

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I’m also currently using Go Henry too, but had hoped that Revolut would come up with a better solution for when my children go travelling (a lot!).

Was hoping for same thing🤔
Maybe less fees as well​:laughing::ok_hand:

Me too! Looking forward to this product.
Cmon Revolut - can we have an update please?