Revolut Youth is out

Just spotted that Junior accounts are available👌
Been using GoHenry for a while, so will be pretty happy to give this one a test.

At least there is free withdrawals and free top up :ok_hand::+1:

Though i can’t see that you can set any goals or tasks…:thinking:

Haven’t set my kids app yet , maybe thats why.

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Where can I create an account for my kid?

And yet another feature only for the UK: Revolut Junior can only be created by parents and legal guardians residing in the UK.

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One thread is enough:


Looking forward to it!
Could also be useful once in a while if relatives face issues with their own card or account, which unfortunately happens more often than it should. This type of issue is actually more and more frequent as money-laundering regulations get stronger and stronger regardless of the location…
Not all heroes wear capes, yet Revoluters do!