Revolut Yearly limit



Until now, for me revolut is a very bad experience. Using you app got me in a situation that i don’t know how i am gonna pay for food this week.

We are a group of 6 friends that wanted to buy a flight using revolut from British Airways. We transfered all the money, about 3000 Euros to a friend that has a revolut card and he made a top-up in the revolut account. When we wanted to pay the flight, the site didn’t accepted the revolut card. We asked for support in the app, but got no help.

We decided to pay the flight using my salary card, and i used all the money i had to pay the flight. To recover this money my friend, who has a yearly limit of 60000 RON, sent me this money in my revolut account. Then i tryed to transfer this money to my bank account, and now the fun begins. Looks like that my yearly limit it’s 20000 RON and i can not transfer the money my friend sent to me.

I tryed to talk in the support chat, and until now i have no answeer. I feel like Revolut stole this money from me!


Still got no response after 3 days! This is unbelievable!


Check the FAQs about how to raise your annual top up limit and check this forum for details about this. Start the process then from within the app: More --> Profile --> Verification and limits.



Also there says that if the source of the funds is not listed that read the FAQ. I did that, and does not help. Then tryed the chat, send them some bank statemens and got no response. I even asked them to cancel the transaction, my friend has a higher limit, and i can recover my money from him. No response! Worst experience ever!


If this problem is not solved today, i will contact the UK’s Financial Ombudsman Service.


Since this forum and all the posts are not monitored around the clock by staff, you might want to search this forum for additional ways of getting Revolut’s attention, like contacting them on social media or writing one of the staff members here a direct message in this forum.


Hi there.

You’ve exceeded your annual top up limit. I’ve escalated this issue to our compliance team as they will be better suited to assist you with this matter. Thank you for you patience!