Revolut won’t give me my money back

3 weeks ago I made a transfer from my Revolut account to my account at LBE . There was a hiccup so they refunded my money back . They have provided a refund receipt which I passed on to Revolut . I’m still waiting for my £1000 which is the amount involved. I am getting no help from the in app help chat . They are just telling me no news yet . What is the next step I can take to get MY money back ?

File a complaint here:
In my case the merchant had issued a refund in 3-4 days however :r: withheld the funds for 45 days due to ‘‘certain procedures’’

I really hope you didn’t plan to use those funds in the foreseeable future.

Yes I do need that money . It’s a lot to me, can’t actually use the FOS until eight weeks has passed and they give me their final response . So this is going to drag on for months .