Revolut witholding my transfered funds (7k USD) without giving me any reason

Revolut are again witholding my transfered funds without giving me any reason.
I made two transfer from my issuing bank in US. One to Revolut, and one to Moneycorp, both issued on 15.05.2018. Moneycorp confirmed receipt on 19.05.2018, Revolut claim that nothing has been received. The transfer details of the Revolut account are correct as they have worked in the past and are unchanged. The Issuing bank confirm that both transfers have been successfully received. BUT, Revolut will not give me access to the funds, they refuse to accept that they have been received.
This is just the latest in a long line of transfer that Revolut “hide” from me for up to one week after receipt. In this time I have to spend hours on Help chat and this forum until somebody “finds” my money and unblocks it.

Again , can one of the Revolut people who monitor this forum please give me my money, as Help chat on Revolut site is completely useless.

did you send it to the SWIFT USD IBAN including the reference number?

If you have to contact support each time is it possible that you have the details incorrect on your transfers as Alejandro suggests?

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