Revolut withholding funds



  1. I was planning to make a transfer from my high street bank account to revolut and decided to double check the account details. I had to re-activate my GBP account for some reason and the details had changed. Very unusual.

  2. I updated them with my high street bank and made a transfer.

  3. Money not received to revolut account in the normal timeframe.

  4. I check all details and realise I have made an error with the account number. Contact my high st. Bank who recommend contacting revolut as they already have the funds and haven’t bounced the transfer.

  5. Revolut support tell me that they will check and get back to me within 24 hours.

  6. We are now three working days and a weekend after that point and revolut have not told me what they are doing with the transfer, if it has/hasn’t been bounced back to my high bank and have twice claimed that the issue is resolved. Farcical.



Hi there.

it looks like we’ve managed to get in touch with you to discuss the issue now. I’m sure we can get something sorted very soon! Please do contact us with any further queries you might have.



No, you’re nowhere near resolving the issue and are giving me the same nonsense answer as I got last week.


Just as an update for you on your “resolved” case- I now know for certain that my money has been paid into someone else’s account. You won’t give me the name of your partner nor any contact details so I can take the case up directly.

Your partner bank is refusing to give the funds back to my high street bank and have stated something along the lines of “we tried to contact the customer, got no reply”. So, my money is gone. Unbelievably poor service, no alternative recourse other than the financial omsbudsman at this stage.

In posts from March 17 in this community- it states that if there is a name mismatch, funds aren’t credited- how can that be so when you (or your partner), have done exactly that?

I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again- from where I am standing right now you are sham of an organisation who confuse less financially experienced customers and do very little to help when there is a problem and appear to be thieves, to me.