Revolut with Wellsfargo account (USA)


Is there a way to transfer money from my revolut account to a US bank account and vica-versa? Can I “pair” a US debit card with revolut to top up my revolut account?


Hi! Transfers to/from WF to Revolut should work just fine, although certain fees are bound to incur. You can top up Revolut with a US debit card, but a “small fee” is charged by Revolut each time you top up the account with a card issued outside the EEA. :slight_smile:

Thanks c0stin. Is there any information about how much is the “small fee” for a topup and much are the “certain fees” for transfers?

It is SWIFT fees. Unfortunately these are often very hard to predict as it depends on the route the funds take from your bank to Revolut and how many intermediary banks are inbetween who take a “generous” share :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: From what I’ve gathered, the fee charged for topping up via a non-EEA card could be anywhere between 1% and 4%. When it comes to a bank transfer, as @alessandro said, it’s very hard to predict as it depends on the bank and various other factors. I’m guessing that since :r: is expanding to the US sometime later this year, the fee for card top-ups will most likely disappear :crossed_fingers:

How about the other way around, what would it cost to send USD from Revolut to a US bank account and what information would one need from the recipient to do it?