Revolut with Nintendo Switch

Hi all,

I am trying to use my Revolut card with various regions of the Nintendo Switch store. I top up, get my virtual card, but then the store repeatedly asks to re-enter the info. I read about it and this means the store is rejecting the card.

Has anyone else successfully used the Revolut card with the Switch store and has any tips or guides to make it work?

I was using my card on the Canadian store (just FYI)


Since it is a UK issued card, the Switch store might use “geofencing” like Apple and others like Sony do. The Revolut card only works with an Apple ID with corresponding UK billing address.

I have seen on sites like Hot UK deals etc that people are using it successfully, could it be only a UK thing?

Using certain cards in certain regions was always a way to bypass restrictions of regions. If a UK resident has access to a US credit card, he can set up a US iTunes Store account for example. It is a simple method, but it does not take open markets like the EU into account. So a UK issued card might be unnecessarily limited to services available for UK residents sometimes. This affects services like iTunes, Uber, Sony Playstation accounts, …

And then the address check is a less known service credit card companies offer. When a payment is authorized, merchants can also use this service to verify the card owner. That is why some merchants explicitly ask for a card’s billing address.


Has anyone found a solution to purchase games on eShop with Revolut? Is there any alternative?
Card gets never accepted not even through mexican paypal. Games are so cheap there would be a great way to save some coins.