Revolut with Myanmar phone number


I would like to start with Revolut, I am currently living in Myanmar (a south East Asia Country) and I only have a Myanmar phone number. It seems that I am unable to start anything as soon as the phone number is asked. I write it down then it says that an error occurred. Impossible to keep going. Is the phone number really important or I can put my parents phone number, back in France?



Hey Albanco

Revolut is available for residents in an EEA country. The phone number is used to received authentication codes for logging in and other actions.

Alright, so meaning that as I am not in one of those country, I cannot apply to get a revolut card? Even if I get it shipped from France to Myanmar and use the card for online shopping mainly?


I think they can ship it over there but you must use a French number. Buy a cheap phone and put your french SIM in it and I think you can use it without problems.

Hey @albanco :slight_smile:

Do not try to apply for :r: if you’re not a citizen (or have a long residence permit) of one of the countries in which :r: is available. It’s against the rules and will mean a lot of trouble.

If you are, getting a French phone number will solve it, but your first card must be delivered to your legal address AFAIK (and that should be the one in the EEA) :wink:

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