Revolut with Curve

I tried putting my virtual Revolut card in Curve and they took €1.32 which they said was to see if the card worked and was supposed to come back straight away. That didn’t happen, does anyone know why? Can Revolut accept refunds? Whose fault is it, Revolut or Curve? :frowning:

Hi Flavio
This fee is happen to you cause your Curve Card is Business Card or Commercial card (same thing) and this fees is same like topping up with credit card to cover their cost! So the solution is to tell Curve to send you a regular card! I have the same issue like you!

Hey Flavio

This is most likely just an authorization. If you tap on the transaction in the Revolut app it should still be Pending. Pending means that they have not claimed the money yet. Merchants have 7 days to do this or the transaction is automatically cancelled and the money returned to you.

You can see more about the Pending/Completed concept here:

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Thank you! So I should just wait? What about what the other user said, is it true? Did Revolut charge me because it thinks Curve is a credit card?

Keep an eye on the status. As long as it’s pending, chances are that it is going to be reverted automatically.

Just wait.

I think the previous post might have been confused and though you tried to use your Curve card as a top up card in Revolut :slight_smile:

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I linked my curve card,and that amount is authorization :slight_smile:
Got it back in couple days :+1:

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It’s most likely an authorisation charge and it will be completely reverted.

The only issue re if your Curve card is a Commercial card or not is if you plan to top up your Revolut account with Curve. If it is a commercial card there will be a small charge. If a personal card then top up is free.

You can see on the back of your card if there is the word Commercial next to the signature strip, or not.

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But one can also link the Revolut card to Curve. Both ways! :wink:

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Thats what i did :slight_smile:
Linked my virtual :r: card to curve and caped amount to spend :slight_smile:


Thank you, everyone!! You guys are awesome!