Revolut will start blocking jalbroken/rooted devices

Screenshot from the latest beta.

Let me explain why this is a terrible idea:

  • From the web-app you can’t do payments and stock stuff
  • Removes freedom from devices
  • The only problem for revolut with a jailbroken device is that the dumb user may install malicious stuff that steal money from his account and then they will have to deal in customer support
  • The experienced user will have a worse experience

I would really prefer if :r: did let the user accept a disclamer with the associated risks instead of slamming the door in their customer noses.


if your money got stolen thanks to malware you deliberately installed on your mobile you should not be eligible for a refund don’t you think so?

I propose to give people the ability to continue but they accept the disclaimer that Revolut declines responsibilities.
But my main point is that you should not block access to Revolut if the user does not have another way of accessing the service, since the web app is lacking most of the features


If you jailbreak your device You should be skilled enough to have it back to the original situation (like a hard format ) then reinstall revolut get your money back and jailbreak it again no? Or since nowadays phones come cheap you could have a jailbroken phone and a normal one. I do agree that more option on the web page could be useful

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you should also be skilled enough to bypass detection, the only downside is that it’s very annoying to have to be jailbroken at all times, whenever your device reboots revolut will detect the jailbreak if you don’t have the bypass tweak loaded and you’ll have to jailbreak again if you want to use revolut


I wiped MIUI on my Xiaomi device and replaced with an aosp variant. My phone is not rooted.

Revolut will no longer run as of the latest update. I’m very annoyed about this.

Why are you trying to make my phone less secure?

Factory reset on my phone means going to an older version of Android with less security and a worse user experience. I bought the phone new less than 6 months ago.


Isn’t it XIAOMI’s fault for not supporting your phone anymore?

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Seems they’ve blocked any Custom ROMs (LineageOS here) as well with 7.31 update :frowning:

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Unfortunately yes. Starting from 7.31 LineageOS 16 (android 9) is blacklisted. Perhaps more recent versions of lineage os also. I’m super pissed off about this. Rolled back to previous version (via .apk), and it works, but that is short-time solution.

That means I must toss current phone (which I like very much) and buy new phone soon.

NOT HAPPY, revolut. My phone does not have root. Its just custom android (which helps to prolong life of cool older model phones), when manufacturers have long time abandoned them…


So buy new phone regularly

unfortunately had to revert to 7.30.3 version since 7.31 won’t work on my rooted S6. pity, i agree that they should offer a disclaimer but I guess legally it ain’t worth the future hassle. oh well, better start divestment of my stocks.


This is a stupid move, keep the warning and let the user go on.
Thankfully I’m on Android, version 7.30.3 can be downloaded and does not stop you using the app while rooted.


Not working on rooted devices is BS. After all rooting and having custom ROMs is done to have the latest security fixes and so it protects the data, not puts it in jeopardy. Having old security patches puts the device at risk.

It’s on Revolut to implement user data encryption inside their app instead of relying on the apps environment. Old, unsecure devices are much more easily compromised than up-to-date rooted ones.

I pay Revolut Premium to access their services and I refuse to unroot my devices just to keep my access. Those are my devices and it’s my choice what I do with them and if that means no longer using Revolut, so be it. I will be taking my money elsewhere if this doesn’t change.


Revolut could say
Its our service, you have to agree to the term of service

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I guess you are purposefully trolling instead of really being clueless to such extents you are presenting. I am also trusting you do know what the word “malware” means, instead of being so ignorant as you sound like.

Considering that I see no real point in explaining to you why custom ROMs and rooted devices exist, why they often not just useful but absolutely required and cannot be simply “unrooted” without making the device useless for many (tough not all) “intents and pusposes”.

But I am kind of sure you are not aware that most banks (and I mean proper banks, not just the weird revolut kinds) have their applications run under custom devices and they usually fire a big warning at you, or require you to accept some auxilary terms, mostly covering the risks considering such a device. But, mind you, a non-rooted device is no really less harm than a properly rooted and used device.

Disabling the app without warning is, regardless of your or Revolut’s beliefs extremely rude and counter-productive.

In my case, as you may have guessed it is not a question of whether I want to unroot or not, it’s simply uninstalling revolut app since it doesn’t work and move on to a different provider (or my actual bank, for that matter).


Indeed, it can be done and it is super annoying and does absolutely no good for anyone whatsoever. The only thing happening is that Revolut makes the user super annoyed and waste his/her time. For example I am using a custom rom and I guess they ask for rom signature checks (gplay) and it means that it is kind of impssible to get it right unless I continuously fake the signature of my ROM, which makes using the whole device fragile and error-prone, and, in fact, less secure.


This is really BS, I can confirm that the app is no longer working on LineageOS 17.1 (Oneplus 6T here, device is not rooted).

This is a no-go, if this won’t be reverted I am done with Revolut.

Regards, mistersixt.


Can you share the link to the previous APK? If revolut had this in the beguinning I would never used their services. Not even my bank has such restriction.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. They claim to protect you but at the end you get less freedom and they more control.

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I can’t see why they have hidden my previous comment but it boils down to the fact that if a service forces stupid senseless terms on the people then the people are not required to be happy or accepting.
Obviosuly they can fight up to the point where the service is no longer accessible for them and they are forced to leave. Revolut can say whatever they want, obviously, and people can tell them how wrong they are. If the customers are not wanted anymore the service will happily let them go and they have to go, since, well, it’s not working anymore.

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This change is regressive and frankly quite stupid.
Jailbroken or custom rom devices are quite common, Revolut choosing to unilaterally impose the lock-out is likely per their interpretation of SCA.

I won’t be dictated or restricted in how I choose to use my device.
It’s far easier to switch to alternative providers than to go back to the restrictions that come with factory fresh firmware.
That said, those on lineage and AOSP roms are being very unfairly impacted by the changes and they have no option to just reset.
It’s a reflash and reinstall.

An odious imposition on the customer base.