Revolut will invest $25million in India

Revolut is going to expand to all parts of the world. They make big plans for India to invest $25million. Soon Revolut will connect the entire globe as one village!

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Bold claim, @nomadus. Since when is Revolut available in the US? I don’t see much “connecting” yet. :face_with_peeking_eye:#

Edit: well, to be fair, there are global P2P payments on Revolut’s platform. So that is something.

Hi @Frank, Revolut has been going from strength to strength in the US for the last 3 years, although N26 left this market last year and Monzo is still in the early stages to get a foothold.

That article is 1 year old

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True. But Revolut went ahead and started India operations. They are hiring a lot of people there.

Is there anyone in India using Revolut?? If so, please share your experience.