Revolut will be card issuer starting 01.01.2018

I just saw that there are new terms which you have to accept in the app. It says that Revolut will be card issuer starting 01.01.2018
I hope they can finally introduce Apple Pay then.
What do you think?


I think they’ll be a card issuer before that just that’s when their agreement terminates with their old one

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This also ties up nicely with rumours Revolut might be doing metallic debit cards in the future PLUS the fact they have just started offering Visa issued cards for people to test. Exciting times!


I have the same info in the app. I am wondering if that means that I need to order a new one? Info was about PaySafe limited only. What if somebody had got wirecard one? Really interesting.

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What use is it having a metallic card (I could find no ‘rumours’ except that they looked into it) which most card readers and ATMs wouldn’t be able to read without constant issue?

I just ordered and received my card and have exactly the same question. Do we need a new card from Januari, 2018?

No. All cards will work after 01.01. like before.


hmmm well if they become issuer, does that mean we have to get the cards replaced in January or shortly after?
As the BIN6 will most likely stay with the current issuer.

So if there are new features such as Apple Pay that would require a card from them directly.

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I expect that all cards will work until their regular expiration date. Why shouldn’t they? Of course, some features might be limited to new cards.

Revolut could replace cards, of course, like N26 did. But they did it mainly because they were migrating also bank accounts from Wirecard after they got their banking license.


In my opinion replacement of card is needed because of end of cooperation with PaySafe probably.


It would be nice to have some official info on when will Revolut begin issuing the new cards directly.

They might have a contract/deal to keep the same plastic but transfer the infrastructure/bins but we shall see :slight_smile:

So what are the advantages in Revolut becoming a card issuer?


-Offline transactions: Some merchants do not accept pre-paid cards due to them transacting on the offline mode (e.g. Aeroplanes, gas pumps, …).
-Apple Pay: Whilst there are pre-paid issuers (Boon(?)), most Apple Pay-supported banks issue ‘full’ debit/credit cards.
-Change of issuer: Revolut will be the issuer, rather than Wirecard or PaySafe.
-Lower costs: Therefore IINs/BINs from the range of numbers allocated to Revolut. In addition, this will lead to lower costs (on Revolut’s part) due to 1 less intermediary.


I’m not sure Revolut needs to become their own issuer to provide Apple Pay, and prepaid cards can work with Apple Pay.

Boon is a service owned by Wirecard, so they are their own issuer. Although Orange has the Orange Cash Apple Pay prepaid card and i’ts a partnership with Wirecard. It has the exact same features as Boon.

The thing is, it would be pointless to work a partnership to bring Apple Pay just to have to change everything when they get the European License. So they wanted to get their license before starting with Apple Pay. Which, by the way, is completely understandable, just pointing out that it’s not a requirement to support Apple Pay.

I think a large part of the issue was card providers like Wirecard and Paysafe, which basically mint all the prepaid weren’t progressing. Stuff like 3DSecure still not available in 2018 which is quite damning. I think this might help with Google Pay (no longer called Android Pay), and Apple Pay.

Please would someone clarify for me - for those of us who already held a card before 01.01.2018 that was issued by Wirecard or PaySafe, are those existing cards now considered to have been issued by Revolut, or does the change not take effect until our current card expires and we receive a new card?

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I am almost sure that card has changed its issuer already (I have the master card previousely issued by Paysafe)