Revolut Wealth


Do you have a time frame for Revolut Wealth?


“Soon, stay tuned” :smiley:


Any update on Revolut Wealth. In what time horizon (6,12 or 24 months) will be available?


I am curious as well


I would say pretty soon as they now have the banking license


I made my Revolut only cos of this news. How soon 6 months from that news!!!


No ETA. They said they’re working on it, but becoming a brokerage isn’t easy.


In this video

Nikolaj is saying that it will launch at end of January 2019.


Will see…
What do you think, it will be available for all clients or only in UK?
What about tax issues?


Taxes are always the responsibility of the individual. I don’t see them doing any automatic reporting to every country.

I hope they will launch in all of Europe. But to me it is important that I actually get to own the stock (if i buy 100% of one) and not have an IOU like the Cryptocurrency stuff.


Someone has news about Revolut Wealth ? Q1 2019 ?