Revolut vs Transferwise — AI-driven analysis🤔🤔

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That doesn’t make encouraging reading.

It is an important quality of any pioneer to continue to make improvements to maintain the lead position. Revolut can not be complacent with their customer service and app stability.


Just used TW for the first time to move and exchange euro Spanish villa sale funds into GBP. Very impressed. Better rates than Rev, no frozen funds, web contact and a Customer service that responds within minutes.
Considered Rev first but so many horror stories regarding frozen accounts and difficulty getting any support swung it. Better rate was the unexpected icing on the cake.


I think TW follow a different biz strategy to just focuse on money transfer instead of offering full banking services. They seem to be doing good with what they offer.

Depending on your use case, Transferwise’s the multi currency account is comparable. It’s an account with debit card, available for consumers and business customers