Revolut v's Monese


Can someone who uses both please give an honest comparison.

Pro’s, con’s and exchange rate comparisons would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Tried and didn’t like.

Monese > £4.95 per month. - It has good features, worth if you use it as a main account, and at the expense of £4.95 it isn’t bad. But for me it wasn’t something I felt I could come back to. I haven’t made any comparisons in exchange rates… sure more features, but unless you feel you can completely switch from a known bank. Ehh…

Revolut > Free account, loading and usage, one off payment for a card… not to shabby. Still a start up so limited in some areas but developing. Available in EEA area. FX Rates and Free withdraws which isn’t offered by many without an arm and a leg.

Monzo > Start up but with huge financial backing. Limits accounts and sign ups and waiting for FCA approval. - £100 minimum load to obtain a card. Personally not interested.

Travelex Supercard > Straight proxy between the card usage abroad to your UK bank card. Only available in the UK. Exchange rates are FX Mastercard rates, but service is too long to get the card, limited features and is literally JUST a proxy. Rubbish fees here and there.

Revolut is the only one I’ve constantly used, have used in a few countries and haven’t had issues besides the few breakdowns, but again, New businesses have bugs, I’m in it for the long run.


I would like to add some details. I would say the main difference is that they are designed for different purposes and use cases:

Monese: no direct debit/standing orders! That is a limiting factor when one is looking for a “proper” current account. The product is designed for Expats that need a UK account but can’t get one because they don’t have a UK address yet.

Revolut: good as a travel card. Not (yet?) a full replacement for a UK bank account. It is the only option here where one can actually hold three different currencies in one account for free.

Monzo: they want to fully replace your UK bank account. Not available outside UK.

In my personal situation (I live in UK and Germany and sometimes travel to the US), Revolut is kind of the perfect product at the right time. It became a valuable tool to access my money in the currencies I need.