Revolut Visa


I have a card revolut mastercard, is it possible to replace the revolut card that I have by a visa revolut card?

thank you in advance

Hey! I’m not sure where you are located, but I was able to order a standard VISA card. Quite a bummer since I’m a premium member and would like a Premium VISA, but it will do.

I am in France but at the time I opened my account revolut there was no visa, only mastercard.
On the Revolut France site there is the Visa card.

Is it possible for me to change my mastercard for a visa?

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I remember a statement from Revolut in a thread about Spanish issued cards that, in the moment, standard cards are all Visa. At least this is how I understood this.

Hi there. You will be able to choose between card types in the near future!:rocket:


did you get an answer? I have the same issue. I want to cancel mastercard and replace it by VIsa. How can I do that?