Revolut visa card declined at groceries


Today I tried to use my Revolut card for the first at Lidl and another grocery shop in Paris, I was embarrassed to see that in both cases my revolut visa was declined. Could anyone from the team of revolut tell me the cause of such cases???


Contactless? Chip & PIN? New cards need to be activated with a chip & PIN transaction first before contactless works. Have you checked security settings? Do you get a notification stating a reason for the failed transaction? Are you seeing the transactions in the app?

I suggest use it in ATM for the first time

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before we pay with our card, we need to use in a ATM ??? I did not know that.

First transaction has to be chip and PIN. From this forum (and from my brother’s experience) I know that ATM transaction is the best idea :grin:

Using it first at Lidl should not be a problem, as long as you stick the card into the reader and authorize the payment via PIN.
Contacless does only work if the card has been activated before using it with PIN.
So, you do not need to use it in an ATM first.

My card is standard visa card. i sticked the card into the reader and pressed the PIN as well. it says Pin is Okay, but after a while, appeared that “payment declined.”

I’ve told you :wink: Please go to ATM :grinning:

i will try tomorrow with ATM

It should work. Please come back after it and give us a feedback. :crossed_fingers:

now i got text of purchase decline message from revolut, it says “decline because card is inactive” what doe this mean???

That you need to activate it. Try the ATM!

Hey there. As I can see all your Revolut cards are terminated.

what do you mean @AndreasK ?

That all your cards are inactive

yah i see the message in the revolut app. it says my card is inactive. the solution is to make it active by using it first at a ATM?

“Terminated” usually means that you reported the card lost or stolen. Were you waiting for a long time for delivery? Support might be able to “unterminate” a card for you again. Cool. That would make it a Zombie card!

I have reactivated your card ending 3763

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thank you @AndreasK !!!

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