Revolut Version 6.0 seems imminent.


Why would you call it counter intuitive? As I said earlier, version numbers are not decimal numbers. 10 following 9 is just as logical as 9 following 8. Furthermore it is very common to have two-digit numbers, sometimes even three-digit ones.


Well, it must be my mathematical brain. You say that this isn’t decimal, and you may be right. But when I see 5.9 I instinctively think of 6.0 afterwards. 5.1 and 5.10 are mathematically identitical! But I take your point that Version numbering is not mathematical.

We’ll have to agree to differ on this one :thinking:


Thats the whole point though, the 1 in .1 is not 10 but 1.

5.1 could also be written as 5.01 or 5.000001 if you must :slight_smile:

Version numbers are not decimal, but they are all individual numbers separated by a dot. What number would 1.2.3 be otherwise :wink:

We can certainly agree to disagree if you wish but that does not change the fact that 5.1 != 5.10 :slight_smile:


Apologies for the resurrection of a six months old thread, but that strip really summarised this thread :wink: