Revolut Version 6.0 seems imminent.

iOS Ver 5.9 Beta has been released.

Seems that the next release will be 6.0. I wonder if this will be a major update?

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Could be 5.10



It’s def gonna be 5.10. v4 stopped at 4.22 on iOS.

You’re probably right :smirk:

It could be 6.0, it depends on what Revolut plans.

Well, Apple Pay with dark mode would be pretty damn good. Or overdrafts and joint accounts… I know, one can dream.

Dark mode is a must. I dont understand why its so hard to do it… Give ppl choice. Dark mode amoled screen on android looks gorgeous and saves battery.

p.s. Ok, you (revolut) dont want to spend time/resources - then add “plugin” capability to app and allow to do this for 3rd party and allow them charge some 1 time fee if you must. You will get dark mode developed in no-time.


That’s not how versions are numbered usually. 5.9 means next one should be 6.0 not 5.10.

No offence, but where did you get that from? I am afraid that is simply wrong, and not only because there is no versioning standard anyhow. The closest you could get to a “standard” would be semantic versioning, which neither says anything about double or triple digits.

So yes, unless Revolut introduces major changes with the next version, 5.10 is the most likely version.

No offence, but you are clueless about how version numbers work. 5.9 is actually 5.90. How do you come up with 5.10 is beyond me. The only reasonable and logic way you get 5.10 is if current version is 5.09.

Revolut’s iOS history:


So 5.9.X would be in line with this.

Sorry, but this is utter rubbish. Read about semantic versioning (or better yet, versioning in the first place). And no, 9 is not 90. It is 09, to use your reasoning. Version numbers are not decimal numbers, as you seem to believe.

Your statements are quite bold despite showing blatant ignorance on this topic.


It all depends where Revolut have placed the decimal point, IMHO.

Past updates seem to have followed a slightly different path. At least in iOS. But we will know soon enough.

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Version 4 on Android stopped at 4.22 (apparently released in May this year). The decimal point has little to do with it (version numbers are not decimal numbers), it comes down to when they make major changes. Nothing mandates such a change after .9, in which case it would continue with .10.

Of course, should there be such a change, 6.0 could be the next version (though that could have also already happened after 5.5). If not, 6.0 could follow only after e.g. 5.35.

First digit is normally for major releases

Second digit (separated from first by a .) signifies a minor updated version of the ‘major’ release

Third digit … this is a minor minor update to the minor version of the major release

Fourth and further digits … normally ad nauseum changes that required a release to fix things broken by third digit releases

Or maybe they release Revolut V2018 or Revolut Ultimate Edition and just spare us the useless decimal points. :wink:

wouldn’t it be fun to just use git commit IDs as version numbers… :rofl:

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I guess no versioning for CVS based code then :wink:

5.10 just came out :wink:

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Who would have thought! :sunglasses:

Still seems completely counter intuitive to me :thinking: