Revolut Verification seems stuck


I attempted to submit my passport picture 3 times to certify my account and it kept failing. Then I was asked to take a picture of the passport, the back of it (?? which I didn’t really understand) and of my own face. Again it didn’t work. Then, I went to the in app chat and tried submitting the passport photo there. Now verification in one part of the app says it’s being reviewed and I’ll have an answer in an hour (it’s been like that for 4 days at least now). In another section, it says 24 hours for the review of my documents (again, it’s been about 4 days). In the app chat where I submitted the documents it says I need to wait between 24-96 hours. All this conflicting information just has me confused and a bit fed up. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Can anyone help? Thanks!


Hey @CK1990 :slight_smile:

The forum itself is 99,5% posts like yours :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Basically, manually verification times are around 3-4 days, but it seems they’re sadly taking longer :frowning: