Revolut usage in Hong Kong

Hi Everyone,

Just signed up to Revolut hoping to use it in Hong Kong when I get there with my family at the end of March.

I am getting some conflicting information from relatives/friends in Hong Kong regarding the viability of using Revolut on a number of different Hong Kong platforms namely:

  • Octopus card Top-up via 7eleven/MTR machines or via Android App
  • Contactless payments in shops/merchants
  • Cash withdrawal from ATM machines
  • ?Not available on Uber HK

I am lead to understand that “overseas pre-paid debit Mastercards” are NOT necessarily welcomed in HK including Revolut. Please can any one shed some light on theses and the other questions.

Thank you.


Hello @Gman1010 :wave:,

Welcome to our community. Though I will not be able to cover the exact points but I can help you with some generalised travel tips.

Basically, it depends on the merchant whether they will accept the card or not. You can check these FAQ links for the general knowledge :arrow_double_down:

Paying with Revolut while travelling
Currency exchange fees
ATM withdrawals and withdrawal fees while travelling

Hope someone who has visited to Hongkong will be able to share the experience with you. :pray:

SG | Community Team

Thanks for the information.

It is helpful. I have seen on a recent different forum regarding some of the questions that have been answered in part.

So my questions still stand. I would be grateful if any members could answer.

Thank you

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Is your card a debit or a prepaid one?
Look the smaller letter on the back of your card.

I believe cards from Revolut used to be prepaid but now (on most places) are already debit.

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So I have the UK free, pre-paid debit account with the MasterCard Symbol and a debit hologram

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Mine is Visa Debit, but my Brazilian account is on Revolut Singapore and my debit card comes from Poland.

Try using your card, and inserting on a card reader and look the terminal screen and maybe you could read what the card identifies itself (Mastercard debit or Mastercard prepaid).

Some terminals print a few card details on the receipt:

Brand: Mastercard
Type: debit
Application: Revolut debit

The info varies on the card terminal, some print everything possible, other print just the amount.

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Thanks that helpful to know

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Original Post: potrebujete vymenit kartu a zmeniť terminal ktory je ma presny model karta ma a terminal musi byt sparovany pokiaľ to tak nie je potrebne kontaktovat a vyžiadať si novy terminal moze ovplyvnovat authentic code a inštalácia do keys code moze to urobit technická podpora je viac moznosti co moze ovplyvnit reader card moze byt poskodeny alebo starsia verzia. pokuste sa urobit na nastaveni musite mat vzdy aspon balance moze vyzadovat poplatok kazda krajina ma svoje patne podmienky to si myslim pokial mate tento problem

Dakujem vela stastia s pozdravom team revolut

Translation: you need to change the card and change the terminal, which is my exact model, the card and the terminal must be paired, unless it is necessary to contact and request a new terminal, it can affect the authentic code, and installing the keys code can do it, technical support has more options, what can affect it the card reader may be damaged or an older version. try to do it on the settings, you must always have at least a balance, it may require a fee, each country has its own conditions, I think that if you have this problem

Thank you very much, best regards, team revolut

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Hey @rudy140 :wave: ,

Thank you for assisting our users with their inquiries. I kindly ask you to communicate in English to ensure all our users can engage. Since we have a diverse user base from around the globe, it would be beneficial to use English as the universal language for communication. Thanks for your understanding. :pray:

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