Revolut Travel Insurance - Home Country


I’ve got a question regarding travel insurance which isn’t easy to find a straightforward answer to.
I’m interested to see if an EU citizen can add a travel companion that has a different Home Country.

Say a person covered by Spain (through Spanish NI) wants to activate the travel insurance and add a travel companion that is covered by UK NI. They would go on a trip to a third country, say France and return next week to the primarily insured person’s home country, Spain.

Would the travel companion be insured in this situation, or would that be equivalent to throwing money out the window?

Many thanks!

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Very interesting question and I’d like to know the answer too.

cc: @AndreasK @henrikbjorn @NFH

Any of you know the answer? (Or should I say either since I doubt Andreas is going to reply)

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Best is to try and ask support. If they don’t know then you can call the insurance company.

The best thing to do is to check the policy wording. As I don’t have this travel insurance, I don’t have access to the policy wording, only a summary at:

I know that my American Express Platinum card policy covers additional card holders and additional insured people based on their own country of residence, in that they are covered for travel outside that country. It is likely that Revolut’s underwriters would take a similar approach.