Revolut transfer to local phillipino bank card

Hi everyone,

I recently transferred 250 UK pounds to a local phillipino bank card- Metrobank. Looked at the metrobank and only got about 4500 peso which is about 50 UK pounds. Has anyone else experience such transaction I am unsure where the rest of my 200UK pounds went. Rita the online agent say there could be international wire fee and maybe a handling fee but surely not get charged 200 UK pounds for that. Should of had about 16000-17000 peso. Currently waiting for a online agent but been waiting for hours. Any help would b much appreciated. thanks

Well, that is an international SWIFT transfer and depending on how it is wired there can/will be SWIFT fees, but 80% for a GBP 250 transaction would still surprise me.

Are you sure you selected GBP? As PHP is not yet supported Revolut seems to select AED for some reason and AED 250 would translate into ~ GBP 50. Can you post a screenshot of the transaction? Just redact any confidential information.

Hi. I recommend you next time to send via western union online UK. It costs less than 5£ (1.9£ checked now) And you can use the card.

The receiver can withdraw in his/ her account directly, most Filipino banks receive online WU transfers directly in the account.

With that problem now dunno what to say. I know that Filipino banks are insanely expensive but 80% in fees is a lot

Hi thank you fore replying. I had £250 uk pounds so I just transferred it to metro bank so I’m guessing it went through as UK pounds. £250 pounds was definitely taken out of my Revolut card to as it says. I just don’t know if there’s anyway I can cancel it or that because transferring £250 and only getting 4000 and something peso is just ridiculous and practically meaning I lost £100 pounds :frowning:

Hi thanks for replying , I did reply back a while ago but not sure if it went through or not . From my Revolut card all it says is transferred £250.
I just transferred £250 to the metro bank card and than when I looked at the card only 4000 and something peso is what went through. I looked online and says SWIFT usually charges £20. So unsure where £200 went surely that can’t bw for card fees. Just abit of a shame not knowing where it is and transferring £250 to only get 4000 peso. Been trying to speak to a live agent but haven’t been able to get through yet for about 8hrs. Thanks for your help


Is Philippino Peso. PHP…

See my first respone please :slight_smile:

I saw it now. Unfortunately it’s probably a bug and not by default. AED is not a transfer currency.

Philippines accepts for receiving EUR and USD directly and anything else by bank conversion.

Checked in app. AED is the first option but you can select GBP or anything else.

Sam4551: Hi, I send a lot of money to the Philippines, and not had any real problems so far. I use my Revolut card on the PAL website and SMDC online portal, although SMDC do not accept the Revolut Visa, however the Mastercard transactions are smooth. Same with using my Revolut card in person, both the Visa and Mastercard work perfectly in Philippine retail shops and restaurants. Although Mastercard is the preference generally, so I take both cards along to be safe.

ATM withdrawals with Revolut can be a painful financial experience though as banks will charge a fee. However if you use HSBC machines, (few and far between in Manila), then there is zero charge.

To get back on track, I was not aware that you could wire transfer with Revolut to a Philippines Bank Account. Revoult told me I could not transfer at a sensible rate as the default currency in the Revolut app to send to the Philippines is AED. They could not be sure what the eventual costs would be.

So I use TransferWise for my PHP transfers to BDO and the exact PHP money I send arrives in the BDO bank account (i.e. no SWIFT intermediaries charging).

I previously used Torfx and each transfer to BDO lost me PHP300. I also tried my Barclays international as I was in a hurry (don’t ask about the charges lol).

Do not use Western Union under any circumstances!

I think I just selected UK pounds cause I’m from there so yeah still don’t get why I transferred £250 and only got 400 peso. Been trying to connect within Revolut live chat but still haven’t gotten through :slight_smile:

Yeah I did really wire £250 as that’s the full amount that’s taken out of my account now I’m left with £0

Hi thank you for all that info I have sent w reply with the screenshot . The screenshot clearly states -£250 pounds . And I had exactly £250 pounds and not when I look it says £0 . So £250 was defs taken out and not AED. Can’t even get through to Revolut customer service to ask them what’s going on. Nightmare :tired_face: next time I will just take money straight out from thmy Revolut card

Yeah well I knew it was pounds because it said and also £250 pounds was only in that account and than gone. My mate says there’s no point speaking to the bank here in the Philippines because there just going to say nothing . Can’t nelive I’ve managed to loose £200