Revolut transfer - no cents?


Hi everybody

Today I wanted to make an transfer to university of total 19,20 Euro. I cannot type this amount of money because there is no comma or dot. Is it a bug or normal situation?
What happen if I copy dot from internet and paste it in transfer menu?
Thanks in advance



hi, in my app I can use , and . not a problem anyway


Do you use a custom keyword like GBoard?


Ok so I will copy dot from internet. I have standard keyboard. MY phone is LG G6.


GBoard works well. Just tested.


It was a bug. Have you tried to upgrade the app?


I sent transfer with dot copied and it worked :slight_smile:


Good to know. BTW. I’ve tried use LG standard keyboard on my V20 and it just works. I used dot sign, which was automatically converted to comma…


What app version are you using?


4.13.1. The latest version from google store.

Try the same but in “trasfer”.


@AndreasK- this is another case:

I’ve check it and:
during sending money to revolut’s user everything is ok:

When I’m trying send money by wire transfer- LG keyboard looks strange (lack of decimal symbols)

Fortunately there is no problem if you use another keyboard (i.e. G-board)


Can you post a screenshot of the issue?


The second screenshot-above (there is neither dot not comma on keyboard)
Here without comma from the other keyboard :yum:


Yes. Here you are.


Can you send us a screenshot from of your keyboard settings of your device?


You mean this ?


Could you please try to change your keyboard:


I changed from polish keyboard to english and nothing happened.
I can download the third company keyboard if you want to check this.


As I’ve written earlier- gboard works


Can you try gboard as @redi suggests?