Revolut Trading Platform without fees


It was annonced a few hours ago :

I think this is a great service, I can’t wait to know more about it…


imagine the joy of having to wait 96+ hours for support trading shares :joy:


Lol that’s harsh !



Very much looking forward to this feature.
And one of the main reasons for me to switch completely to Revolut, if this is well implemented.


that probably requires a (mobile friendly) web interface


That is extremely important, as well as how they implement different market/buy/sell tools.
Also, the back office, if it is meant for serious trading.

Most important to me is what spread they’ll use and the available markets to invest in.

I am confident though and curious


I doubt that. If history and press articles are any indication, it’s for the average guy who wants to put away some spare cash into ETFs and selected stocks. Like Robinhood. They do have a web app by now, but it took them 4 years. My guess is that Revolut will also be mobile only at first.