Revolut Trading overestimating my gains (SOLVED)

I’ve bought a few US stocks on Revolut Trading.
I keep track in an Excel sheet on my buy prices.
I have not sold any share yet.

The total reported by Revolut matches my calculation (that’s fortunate).
However the Gain calculated by Revolut in € and $ value is totally overinflated: +16 00€ reported by Revolut, +8 800€ by my calculation.

Remember I did not sell anything, so the gain calculation should be extremely simple:
current valutation in (€ or ) - sum of money poured into the stocks (in € or )

Anybody else has this issue?

Maybe because of the FX impact there, time you have converted EUR to USD high, and when you see your portfolio value in €, that time USD to EUR is higher. So guessing you’ve FX gain too.!?

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Hi, you are absolutely right. I actually lost on Forex in this case. I did not realize how the €/$ currency fluctuating within +/- 10% during the time could still result in my EUR gains on US stocks be cut by half due to the currency fluctuation.

According to my calculation 19k$ gain yet resulting “only” in an 8.9k€ gain.

Got you. Well as long as it’s goes in your favour, good for you gain both side inc. FX.

Well keep trading safe.