Revolut Trading in the web version


In the web version

can you also display Revolut Trading, not just the currency accounts?



great idea, trading only through mobile app is poor ux.

The project behind Revolut Trading is great but right now the limitations are BIG.


Would like to echo what they’ve been saying. Offering Revolut Trading as a web version with analysis capabilities as well as more offering on stocks (UK stocks) would definitely make Revolut Trading a viable option to other trading platforms


I subscribe to all the above!! Also in the meantime would be lovely to have the chance to send by mail the transaction we have done in the markets, the same way as for the account transfers an expenses (both pdf and excel)


I agree with the above. Adding trading to the web app would also improve network latency since you could utilize wired connections.

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Would be nice to have a web version. Also, adding stadistics and having
portfolio projection. +1


I agree with everyone above. Revolut web trading would be a selling point for many of my friends


+1 That would be awesome, for sure!
I wish someone from Revolut is reading all the wonderful feedback and suggestions that users are giving all over this community. It seems obvious they should be reading this forum, but sometimes I wonder if that is the case, as I have never seen anyone from Revolut answer any thread in any topic.

Have you seen this mock-up for a web based and desktop OS-based app?

It is not a nice design but has some nice functions that would be cool to have. Just an idea made by some Revolut user:

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and a choice of crypto upper than ten entries;

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Yes! The app is cool and all, but I spend a lot of time looking at my screens already due to daily work, it would be so helpful to just have a tab open to track my portfolio on the fly.

Ideally it would be nice to remove the $10.000 limit per order as well.

web trading is a must. mobile app trading has it’s restriction.

Please do a web version


Yes. Please!
Currently I’m using different web apps for stock screening and analysis. Would be great to be able to use Revolut instead, as it’s my main investing app for now anyways.