Revolut trading - can't find stock xyz

Hi, I am not familiar with the different stock markets in the US, but I was looking at buying some SolarWinds (SWI) stocks today, and was not able to find it in Revolut Trading.

Why is Revolut Trading limiting to some stocks only and does not provide SWI ? Is there a way to ask the partner to add some stocks?

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With Revolut, you can buy fractions of shares. But this is not how stock trading actually works. So what the broker who offers fractions does is bundle up all offers and then buy stocks accordingly. Let’s say just one customer wants to buy Amazon for 50 dollars, the broker still has to buy 1 share for 3139 dollars do be able to credit the customer the fraction of the Amazon stock being worth 50 dollars. That’s usually one reason why the number of stocks available for fractional trades is limited. From the broker‘s perspective, it’s important that many customers want to buy one specific stock to reduce the overhead they have to spent on stock fragments with their own money. One way is to limit the number of stocks available.


Great explanation, maybe :r: could add the ability to buy less common stocks but without the fractional purchase

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Yes SWI stock is priced 18.73$ I have no issue buying multiples of the stock, not a fraction of it.

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Many investors never buy fractions of stock anyway, we buy them when we have the money to buy a whole or multiples of them. So it would be much rather appreciated to have more stock options than the rare ability to buy a fraction.

As some old advisor said: “Integers are nice, decimals are tricky”.

Also, a big quantity of stock offers is nice, too :slight_smile: