revolut to kraken getting held by kraken


so i have made a few fransfers to kraken, but have always ran in to kraken holding the funds, kraken say they cannot see my reference “user id “”” the only way to get the funds released is to apeak to support which takes over 10 days for them ro respond! has anyone else been having this issue or aren’t having this issue.

pleasw someone let me know if there is a fix?


hey, I’ve transfered to kraken from revolut a bunch of times, never had an issue.

Make sure you enter kraken’s reference code in the last step of payment in Revolut, I think its labeled as payment reference in the app. it something like “xxxx xxx xxxx” (enter the whole thing including the domain)

that is what i do. but kraken claim they cannot see it. its really annoying. Its good to know that you have been able to do it with out issues. At least now i now its possible to do