Revolut to Coinbase

I sent a 7 euro payment from Rev to Coinbase to set up the account to be able to withdraw funds… its been 7 days now and still not show in my account… anyone know whats happening or has anyone had this problem

Did you entered the reference Coinbase gave you? Also, transfers are taking a while to that platform.

Yes i used the reference, have you had the problem? Its making me loose a little trust in them (coinbase) to be honest

Well, to be honest, since it’s not revolut fault, I think we shouldn’t discuss other company problems here… but to answer your question: no, I haven’t had a problem YET.

Well…. To be honest…. I dont know who’s fault it is…… looking into it i seen posts about Revolut blocking payments so it could be either sides fault……

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If the transfer was shown as executed then it wasn’t blocked by Revolut.

Bare in mind Coinbase is under extreme pressure this week - it’s been noted on their Status page a few times that SEPA transfers are delayed.

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Did you get in touch with Coinbase support, they should be able to locate your transfer.

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where did you enter the reference i couldnt see space for it

At the screen where you put in the amount, tap „Add reference“.

i did add it and its okay now its arrived

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i can get to the part where i type in amount of euro, then pink button lights up saying send. does the add reference come up after this stage?


It’s the same screen. Are you using the latest app version?

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You may need to scroll down a little to see the place where the reference number goes.

Can somebody help, I had £100 in my GBP wallet and withdrew it straight to my revolut. Was I supposed to convert it to EUR before doing so? And what will happen now??

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Revolut don’t want you to send funds to Coinbase!

Revolut are themselves now offering a crypto buying service and obviously Coinbase are competitors to Revolut. Best way to get rid of competition is to kill it off! Coinbase have killed of the competitor by not allowing Revolut members to send funds to Coinbase.

I tried tonight, 10th January 2018, to transfer funds from my Revolut account (which I opened today) to Coinbase. However, at the point of hitting the enter button to transfer the funds from Revolut to Coinbase Revolut displayed a screen message stating that it did not allow payments to Coinbase. SCAM!!!

I guess Revolut think they can determine who they will allow me to send my money too. WRONG Revolut!!! I will simply close my account with you and take my business elsewhere. By preventing me from transferring my funds to Coinbase you achieved absolutely nothing. In fact, you have made a loss because you would have made some profit from me through your various charges over time through my continued use. Now you make nothing and I will simply find another similar service.

Oh, and another point worthy of note. I transferred £100 into my account today to test how the Revolut service worked. I exchanged £50 into Euros and then changed it back into sterling once I was informed that Revolut would not complete the fund transfer to Coinbase. In the currency exchange process my £100 was devalued to £99. 96. Not a problem. Only a few pence. BUT…when I tried to transfer that sum from my Revolut account back into my bank account (I was emptying my Revolut account and closing it) Revolut would only allow me to withdraw a whole interger figure, i.e. £99.00 and not the £0.96. I had £99.96 but Revolut would allow me to only withdraw £99.00. There was no decimal button on the on-screen keyboard and as such made it impossible to type in .96.

In order to resolve this I had to deposit another £10.04 into my Revolut account to make the balance a round whole figure of £110.00. Revolut has a minimum deposit of £10.00. Hence why I needed to deposit £10.04.

I was then able to empty my account fully (£110.00). Revolut were even trying to scam me out of £.96p.

I read various review sites about Revolut before joing today. I had procrastenated for days before finally joining Revolut because there were too many damning reviews on the Internet but I decided to take a chance and make only a small £100 deposit to test the water. It seems the bad reviews were all correct about this outfit.

I will buy my cryptos from whoever I want and will not be forced by Revolut to buy from them at their higher prices. What next Revolut? Will you decide who people can buy their shopping from next? Partner up with a high street chain and form a cartel, forcing your customers to buy only from businesses you have a direct business interest in?

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@RevolutSUX please search this forum. After activating the personal EUR IBAN, transfers to coinbase and other exchanges are possible.

Also, you need to understand what Revolut is and how it works. Exchanging money in circles back and forth always results in a loss, since Revolut uses live interbank exchange rates where there is a spread between buy and sell like on any stock market. That is different to a mid-market rate that you find on Google.

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I used Revolut - Coinbase transfers with no issues in both directions with my personal EUR IBAN. They were fast and reliable. Also note that deposits to any exchange can be delayed based on their current load.


I have to correct my above post with some embarrassment. I was wrong when I stated that Revolut was a scam and blocked customers from sending funds to cryptocurrency exchanges in order to force their customers to buy cryptos from Revolut. This is not the case.

I offer my unreserved apologies to Revolut for making this false statement. The issue was I did not understand the process to make such transfers. It seems Revolut does make payments to cryptocurrency exchanges but before thagt can be done a Euro Account must be opened with the Revolut app. Funds are then transferred from the Euro Account to the crypto exchange.

I managed to set up a Euro Account this evening on Revolut and managed to make a payment to Coinbase. I got a message from Revolut shortly after making the payment stating the transfer had been made and is expected to be received to arrive at Coinbase within 1-5 days.

I will feed back here when the payment goes through.



The good news

Coinbase received my small ‘test’ payment of 50 euros from Revolut within 24 hours. I was very pleased with this.

The bad news

When I attempted to do another larger (281 euro) payment to Coinbase the next day everything went smoothly on the Evolut app UNTIL I reached the part where the app should have displayed the page where I would be prompted to enter my six figure confirmation security code. THE PAGE DID NOT APPEAR. So I was not able to enter my 6 digit code.

My 281 euros is now stuck in ‘Pending’ and I have no idea how to remove the 281 euros from the ‘pending’ stage it is now seemingly stuck in. I cannot find a means by which I can enter the 6 digit security code to confirm the payment to remove it from the pending stage and I cannot find a means to cancel the transaction and start over again.

It seems with Revolut it is 2 steps forward and 12 steps back.

Now when I tap on the accounts tab (on the top left of the home page…the icon that looks like 2 sliders), as soon as the accounts page loads up and displays on my phone screen the messages appears ‘We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try again later’.

I would expect these above issues and problems to be typical of a newly launched platform that was still trying to iron bugs out. Revolut is not new. Its app is not new. This is not acceptable. I am now likely going to have to spend weeks if not months trying to get to the bottom of how I can get my 281 euros out of the pending stage. And then of course I am stuck with the same problem, i.e., the same thing happening again.

I was suspicious about Revolut, given the number of negative reviews I have read on the Internet. Now that I have given Revolut a go I can confirm it doesn’t work properly, is unreliable and will only cause you anxiety and many lost hours/days/weeks/months of your life trying to sort out the problems usingf it will cause and to recover your funds.

If anyone can advise me as to how I can pull my 281 euros out of the ‘pending’ stage it is caught in I would be most grateful.

I will now need to open a Facebook and Twitter account in order to talk to Revolut in order to resolve my current problem. I have no interest in social media. hence why I have no account with either Facebook or Twitter. I am now being forced to open these accounts simply so that I can speak to someone at Revolute. That sucks.

My opinion of Revolut in brief? It is unreliable and cannot be trusted

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Further update

Today at approx. 1:00 pm (15 hours since my payment to Coinbase was made and went into ‘pending’ on Revolut the ‘pending’ notice disappeared and shortly afterwards I received an email from Coinbase stating that 281 euros had been received as a deposit into my Coinbase account.

So, here is what went wrong with Revolut.

Firstly, when I made my very first transaction with Revolut (which was a payment to Coinbase for 50 euros Revolut asked me to enter a 6 pin authorisation code before transferring the funds to Coinbase. This is the very last step to complete before payment is made. I entered the 6 pin authorisation code and the transaction was completed. Within minutes I received an email from Revolut confirming the transaction to Coinbase had been submitted and that payment would be made within 1-5 working days. This 50 euros payment did not go into ‘pending’.

Within 12 hours (the next day) I received an email from Coinbase stating 50 euros had been received into my Coinbase account. All good.

With this most recent (yesterday) 281 euros transfer to Coinbase here is where Revolut screwed up and as a consequence caused me some significant anxiety and unnecessary stress.

Revolute did not prompt me for the 6 pin authorisation code. I.e., no page appeared on my 'phone screen requesting the input. I assumed the app had crashed or malfunctioned. But when I checked my account Revolut flagged the payment as ‘pending’. I presumed my 281 euros was now locked in limbo for months because Revolut’s app screwed up and failed to ask me for the 6 digit pin number.

Also, I did not receive an email (as I did for the previous payment to Coinbase) stating that the 'transfer had been submitted and the transfer would take between 1-5 days. Lack of receiving such an email suggested to me that the payment process was not completed, the transfer would not be completed and my funds would be tied up in limbo.

However, despite my not providing the required security pin number Revolut still made the 281 euros transfer payment to Coinbase and today about an hour or so after Revolut removed the ‘pending’ flag I then received an email from Coinbase stating they had received 281 euros into my Coinbase account.

So, the ‘pending’ nightmare I envisaged did not happen.

So this second transaction was different from the first transaction in two ways. Firstly, I was not asked for a six pin authorisation code. Secondly I was not sent an email by Revolut stating that the transfer had been submitted.

If Revolut did both these things for the first transaction they should have done these two things for the second transaction. Lack of Consistency!!!

**How could Revolut make the transfer although I did not provide the 6 pin authorisation code? ** Worrying indeed.

Tonight I decided to make another transfer to Coinbase. This time Revolut did prompt me for my 6 pin security number, which I provide. The funds have again gone into ‘pending’ but I have not received a confirmation email form Revolut stating that the ‘transfer has been submitted’.

I am not overly concerned at this stage and on this occasion that the funds have gone into pending given that the previous funds that went into pending yesterday came out of pending within 15 hours. However, given Revolut’s lack of consistency and the sheer number of horror stories left on review sites, including this site, by other users, I will hold my breath until I receive that email from Coinbase stating they received my funds.

I read many negative reviews about Revolut from disgruntled users. However, I note that many of those people never return to update and let others know how / if their issues were resolved. This just paints an incomplete picture of Revolut and the service is offers and does nothing to help other readers in terms of assisting them to decide if Revolut is for them to try or not.

For me so far my Revolut experience has not been the most enjoyable. Then again it’s a learning curve that is doubly stresssful due to the fact that I am dealing with my money. If I get things wrong, if I screw up using this platform it just might cause me financial problems. Hence why Revolut needs to be consistent in all of its procedures.

I still do not understand why there is no decimal button on the on-screen numeric keyboard to transfer units of currency less that 1 whole euro or sterling pound. If I have £23.17 in my Revolut account and want to transfer that exact amount or make a payment for that exact amount Revolut does not make it possible because Revolut excludes the decimal botton from the keyboard. The only way to withdraw the £23.17 back to my bank account is to transfer into my revolut account another amount (greater that £10 because that is the lowest amount Revolut accepts as a deposit) that will also include .83p so that when added to the .17p a whole interger is made, e.g (£1). For example, I would need to deposit £10.83 to be able to transfer the £23.17 back to my bank account. In this example the total withdrawal would be £23.17 + £10.83 = £34. Seems like a lot of work jut to ensure the .17p can also be transferred. What’s all that omitted decimal button on the keyboard all about?

If there is a problem with the payment made tonight to Coinbase I will update shortly.