Revolut systems down?


Everything seems to be broken - couldn’t use my card; couldn’t change any settings in the app “Sorry something has gone wrong please try later”; expiry date in app doesn’t match what they have on record.

Agent asked my to log out and back in - and now can’t get back in, still “Sorry something has gone wrong…”

How do I contact Revolut now???


The “automated phone line” is not answering either


Is there some sort of service status page?


Yeah seems to be down and I have all the funds in crypto :joy:

And of course, can’t pay in crypto using card.

How. In the end. What’s crypto good for?!?!


Ps. We should start using a hashtag on twitter. Like #WhatsappDown

#RevolutDown so we can just check we’re not alone :joy:


If I remember well, on Friday I saw a message in their app mentioning some maintenance this morning, so this is to be expected.
Personally here everything seems normal.


Wrong. The maintenance was set for 14th and was about 2am :smile:

This is the regular every two morning down :joy:


Ah sorry, my mistake :sweat_smile:


Hey look. The system is down again and my cards (which are hyper late) disappeared :ghost: from my account :slight_smile:

Wink wink :wink:


Really sorry about that.:pensive: All systems are operational again. Get in touch if you’re still facing issues.:raised_hands:


I still cannot access my account


Still can’t access, what now? @AndreasK


What’s the error message?