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If you do not support Belarus. Why then were my friends able to open an account with you and can use your banking services? I have a Polish work visa type D for 365 days and these visas were opened to all my friends, but for some reason I was put on the waiting list. Explain by what logic this works?


That point was correctly addressed by @Frank (in his post here).


The citizenship/nationality of a person is only relevant for identification but not for eligibility.

But: Revolut is not licensed everywhere. They are not allowed by law to offer services in regions where they are not licensed by the local financial authorities.

Only eligible persons can use the service. Belarusians can open accounts when they have a right to stay in one of the supported regions. A work visa is such a right to stay. Your friend most likely used an address in a supported region (Poland) when opening the account. This would be the most likely and easiest explanation for why he was able to open an account and you were not. You can not open an account when you’re not a resident in Poland.


@Uladzislau2000, I hope Graham’s and Frank’s reply will help you to understand the scenario here. :pray:

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Hi am new here and am trying to open revalot in uae can we open this in uae please :pray: tell mee

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Hi @Jawadhassan12 and welcome.
(This is the list of countries supported) by Revolut.
I trust that helps.

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