Revolut support using my top up card data for purchases?


Hey guys, at some point my Revolut account got blocked and I had to send pictures of my cards to the support staff …like 3 times because they would come in and out of the support chat session.

a few weeks later the card I use to top up revolut was used online to make a purchase in Chinese currency, something from a shop that sells female clothing. the transaction happened while I was sleeping and I hadn’t used that card for anything else in a long time. I blocked my card and reported it to my bank as well as the police (a requirement where I live).

can you guys make sure interacting with support is safe? I have tried to think where my card could have been exposed but you guys are the most obvious instance, card was literally sitting on my table for weeks and I live alone.


Hi there.

Let me express my apologies for this.

However, we do not advice our users to send photos of their card, in fact we advice our users to provide us only with a bank statement where we can see the top ups made to Revolut.

I have reviewed the chat history you have had with our support team while your account was locked, and it seems like our support team did not actually request this information from you. However, you’ve sent a photo of your bank card, with the middle digits covered. In other words, there’s no way that this card has been used by our support team.


Andreas K.


yea they didn’t use that card, but it appears the other one I had used to top up was the one compromised. if it wasn’t revolut my only guess is somewhere out there some database got stolen and that card was there, but that card had mostly been used with revolut in the last couple of months/weeks.