Revolut support team and annoncements


Hi support team. @AndreasK and @jessicaszabla.
There appear to be a lot of common ‘lost money’ issues with fairly large SEPA transfers. I am confident it is the same problem we are all facing.
Any chance you could either post something on the announcements page explaining the issue a little better and acknowledging our frustration.
I’m worried to say that as innovative your product is, this level of customer support (for a relatively sophisticated customer base) is doing you no favours. We all want you to be better than the big banks, which is why we joined, but it can’t be long before you sustain damage to the brand quite soon once calls start going into the FCA.
You have some excellent community help, please don’t lose the goodwill, you are getting close.


so, for everyones information i managed to get a response on a twitter private message. And yes, they are busy.


Thank you for pointing this out :slight_smile: I’m glad I was able to help.


@AndreasK and everyone who helped were professional and understanding. Many thanks for sorting this so quickly… birthday trip recovered and everyone happy !!!