Revolut stole EUR6,000


I had a bank transfer sent to my Revolut account in the size of EUR6,000. For a few weeks the money was not appearing on my account so I contacted the in app support service, and only then I found out that the money is blocked due to compliance issues as it came from overseas and required rigorous proof of identity. I have failed the compliance as did not have all the needed documents and the support told me that money will be sent back to the account where it came from. It never did. It’s been several weeks that the money is not with me and Revolut support are useless - they do not even have a phone number. EUR6,000 is a big amount and I’m contacting my lawyers and taking this joke of a company to court. I cannot express how frustrated and mad I am with this!


Hey @Philippatricha :slight_smile:

Precisely as you said, EUR6,000 is a big amount, but there’s no reason why you should fail the verification process if everything is legitimate. However, I believe you’re using the word “steal” too lightly. More people than you have faced this and have got their money back.

If you’re not happy with this (understandable), you’re free to take :r: to court or to do whatever you want, but I’d like to suggest that going “from friendlier to harsher” is usually more cost and time effective.
You can ask any :r: agent for a link to the complaint form, and if the answer to the official complaint doesn’t satisfy you, you can take the issue to the financial ombudsman. If that still does not resolve the issue, the courts will still be there.


That should not be necessary though. If Revolut cannot accept the funds due to compliance reasons it is understandable they do not credit the OP’s account, however the amount should be returned as quickly as possible. The main question would be where the funds now are … maybe @AndreasK can help.

I do think however that “stole” was being used too lightly as well. EUR 6000 is a nice amount but probably not a reason for Revolut to defraud customers :slight_smile:


Hi there. Really sorry to hear that. Revolut definitely didn’t steal your money and we have not intention to do so. As I can see this transfer has been already reverted, meaning that it’s waiting for the bank to send the bank details so we can finally proceed with it.


Hi Andreas. What do you mean it’s waiting for the bank to send the bank details? Do I need to do anything on my side to ensure my bank sends the details? Thank you


No there’s nothing you need to do from your end. If you like you can contact me via DM.


It says I cannot directly message you. I would appreciate more details though Andreas. When will the money approx reach my account? and what does it mean its waiting to send bank details?


You’ll be able to message Andreas within 24 hours, as you’re still a new member of the community :wink:


You can do that now.


FYI Andreas promised an update today morning however has since stopped responding to my messages. People in in app support have been telling me they are looking into it for a month now - currently it’s the same. There is no phone number to speak to anyone. Customer support offers no support and I’m in the dark one month later as to where my money is.


Revolut HAS stolen my money.


I have been trying to contact the support team all day today with no luck. Either the Revolut support team have all been sacked or gone on strike or quit or the support chat service has failed technically. Either scenario is extremely worrying as there is no other way to contact these guys. We just signed up for an account with them and have a lot of money sitting in some accounts. We still have an account with CurrencyFair who although more expensive have a number with a person you can talk to to sort problems out with. I really hope you get you money returned!


FYI this is third day I’m getting ignored by all customer support. This company is a SCAM take your money out while you still can


No it’s not.
Many users - including myself - have been using Revolut for months, if not years, without any problem. They are stealing nobody’s money.
I understand the frustration, but don’t generalise over your personal case, and after only three days.

You might want to insist on the support though, maybe try twitter?


I am not alone in this situation !?

Coincidence ? No I Dont think


@Johnny1 The vast majority of users don’t have issues.
Most people who have issues broke the T&Cs, or are simply in need to prove the origin of their funds, which is why their funds are being held for review.


I simply want my money back! How long can revolut hold it until they breach laws and regulations? I’m not asking too much just for my money to be returned! This scam company offers no support and is ignoring my requests!


Hi again. Revolut is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 for the issuing of electronic money and payment instruments with the reference number 900562.

I’m personally in touch with you and as mentioned, the team is in touch with all the involved parties to resolve this issue for you. However, this needs the collaboration from all parties which as you understand takes time. Here at Revolut we do whatever is possible to resolve this as soon as possible.