Revolut SMS code has too many digits


I am trying to add an new bank account beneficiary to pay someone, when I get to the end of the setup, I am requested to add a 4 security code received by SMS however the one I receive has 6 digits xxx-xxx.
How is this supposed to work?


If I remember correctly when I added a beneficiary, I was first asked for my 4 digit security code (or fingerprint access) then I was sent a 6 digit code by SMS and entered that. There were 6 spaces in this second part. Also make sure you have the latest Revolut version. 2 part authorisation was implemented in a very recent update.


Thank you so much for your help @Doppjunat . That was not logical at all! @revolut massive fail here you really need to get your shit sorted on customer care.


Hey there, sorry for any confusion! As mentioned, the 4 digit code is the passcode used to enter the application, then the 6 digit code is sent via SMS. We have this for security measures.