Revolut sitting on my money!


I am stuck with a big problem. On the 2nd of June I send an amount to Revolut to top-up my account with them. A few days later I could see that the amount had arrived at Revolut, but not accessible to me because it would make me pass the maximum allowed top-up amount of 30000 euro/year.
I was instructed to send the source of the money (which I did), the deposit in the foreign bankaccount (which I did) and the transfer from this foreign account to my account in Revolut (which I did).
Nothing happened for a week. Untill yesterday, June 12, I stumbled on the Revolut Support chat program and actually found someone (Gorge) that replied. He asked some unrelated questions like why I usually keep my money only a short time in my Revolut account. I explained to him that transferring my money from my foreign bankaccount to my Dutch account via Revolut is much cheaper than transferring it direct into my Dutch account.
Having lost already more than a week, I asked Gorge if it was possible to return the money to the sender. Gorge answered that that was not necessary, he could extend my top-up limit, but could I please send source and details of the previous 3 top-ups, immediately followed by the announcement that it was the end of his shift and bye bye.
Happy that I finally found someone that actually reacted (instead of: “we are connecting you with an agent”) I obliged and send the requested information in the meantime wondering why this info would be needed as we are only talking about my last top-up that would exceed my limit by a 1000 euro’s.
Today (day 11) I waited patiently to be connected to an agent, but to no avail. Probably I will spend tomorrow the same way (waiting to be connected). In the meantime I need the money urgently.
What should I do other than just sit and wait?


I would try again on live chat or try twitter or FB. Looks as though the agent who was helping has made an error somewhere. It should only take about a week for verification.
Welcome to the wonderful world of :r:


Thanhs for the reply. I keep the live chat open all day but no luck. At 05.00 “william” opened a chat this morning, but unfortunatily I was asleep.


The problem is that you do not deal with one agent. Every time you are lucky to be connected you have someone
else that starts the same list of questions. When you tell them that you have already send 10 pictures of statements

you can almost hear them thinking: what else can I ask this man to postphone solving the problem. Revolut wanted

to know the source of my money. First for only the last transfer (which I supplied), then for the last 4 transfers (which I did)

and now “agent Willian” came up with the bright idea to ask: and where do you transfer your money once it is in the Revolut

account? If William could go through the trouble to look in my account, he could see where it went with his own eyes.

I am beginning to doubt this bank. Instead of giving you the way to the solution of the problem (I went 1000 Euro over

the 30000 euro transferlimit), they make you jump every hoop they can think of, sitting on your money in the meantimel

and approach you asif you are subject to an IRS investigation. There was no problem when I transferred the previous

27000 euro’s, but the last transfer of 4000 seems to make me a very dubious person. And it might sound funny, but I

do not like that.


Only a week? Only a week?


First of all it’s not a bank and never will be and second it has worst support of any money handling institution i had to deal with in my entire life.


The support should be more reactive but it seems that you did not followed the TOS by passing your yearly limit no?

I think it’s normal that :r: ask informations and documents to increase your topup limit no ?
( And bybthe way they HAVE to donut, by the law because of AML )

2 July + a few days + a few days, if you saw it the week end after, it’s been only 5 working days by now.

It’s clearly not a reactive support and the agents should be more careful, but it’s not that bad.

Try contacting @andreask or @olga_revolut