revolut separate saving account

Hi, what about creating a reliable and separate “saving account” within the revolut account with or without interest based on the duration and other certain conditions? this definitely makes people feel revolut as a equivalent to real bank.

Something of that sort is already in the making. Revolut Vaults

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“saving account” within the revolut with or without interest

for example, fix deposit for certain period of time with some interest

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As Alessandro said it sounds like you are looking for Vaults. Vaults will be released this week and basically will let you move money to a Vault which is like a savings account. There are sadly no interest on it.


:r: Vaults have just been launched and it’s available on the AppStore right now. I suppose it will be available on the PlayStore in a few hours as well.


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like this new feature!!! any planning for separate “saving account” with interest like N26 in the future???

I can’t recall seeing anything about a Savings with interest, but they might Surprise us :slight_smile:

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I guess :r: will only launch saving accounts with interest when they start giving out credits.

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