Revolut Security Settings

Hi - I am new to Revolut and am not clear about the security settings. Specifically if, for example, the ATM disable button is to the right (there’s a purple tick and the whole setting is purple) are ATM withdrawals enabled or disabled?
Thanks! Stephen

Disabled. There’s also a purple check mark icon on the ATM icon meaning that this setting is turned on.

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This button should be to the left if you want the ATM to accept your withdrawal.

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I found the UI for disabling card features somewhat confusing.

The UI would have been clearer if the controls had been worded “Enable E-Commerce Transactions” / “Enable ATM Transactions” and so on. Then a greyed out control would indicate that the named category of transactions was “disabled”.


Could not agree more with this sentiment!
With the new user interface particularly the wordings are so confusing and non intuitive. They really need rewriting as you suggest to be clear and concise as to what position of the button will result in the hat outcome.