Revolut Security & RevP megathread

It looks like this:

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The world doesn’t spin around UK. Both Curve and Revolut operate outside UK. Regarding amex, maybe in UK. But amex is piece of carbage outside US and UK. …and for me Curve is amazing.

You’re absolutely right. I’ve sent’em an info in the app


As far as I know they are working on it

You’re right- if you’re from PL, you have Polsih BIN on Revolut’s card (AFAIR it was provided at least one year ago)

Do you already have your RevP card? (plastic)

I’d like to apply for RevP beta. Can you send me a link or add me?

No, plastic will arrive on Monday. And cheched with, it said that it is polish BIN.

No longer possible, only 1k people get access to it and only if they signed up on the blogpost.

I’m kinda looking forward to the prospect of trying out :r: new payment processor — it’s hopefully going to help us all out in the long run, I am a little disappointed that even for us “metal” cardholders we’re only getting a standard plastic RevP Mastercard. I know it was too much to ask that we would receive a metal “beta” card, but something that looked a little more premium over their standard card would have been a nice touch.


I would have preferred a Premium Visa be sent to us so we can pretend we’re Aussie for the duration of the beta :joy:

Good to see Revolut’s downtime is about to collapse with RevP coming into swing though - hopefully they sell usage of the tech white label style. If it’s more reliable than their current processor (gradual deployment without full maintenance to avoid downtime) it’d be great

Idk but the 0000 in the card number looks cool, not sure if it’s just for test cards purposes

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Mine is 0001 so I think it’s random

Maybe this is your experience, but for me AMEX is a great product - and I do not live in the UK or US. :wink:

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Asked support, apparently it was random selection of the 1000 beta users and I didn’t get in :sweat_smile:

1001 because they let me in, got em

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Lucky, I really can’t wait for 3DS, in my case I was told to wait and that RevP will be available for all us soon™

I guess they let you in since you’re also in the regular beta program, which I’m not, I was too late to the party.

I was told that they were doing it in stages (which kind of lines up with “RevP will be available for all of us soon”)

They bumped me into the first batch perhaps because of my regular beta + heavy usage of Revolut card + being a metal subscriber and making use of literally all the features maybe (I provide detailed feedback when required)

@AndreasK could we get a topic for beta feedback please

I really wonder whether there is a chance that RevP will address some of the issues with transaction descriptions. It’s not only inaccurate, but also incredibly inconsistent. Not just the name and logo of the seller, but also location, sometimes the order is “country, postcode, city” and sometimes “city, country code (ISO3166/alpha2)”. Would be interesting to hear back from RevP beta users whether there is any difference using the RevP card and the old card at the same store.

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I remember you can ask to address some of this errors to the live chat support

Mine Swiss, which is in fact… quite correct as I’m living in switzerland.

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