Revolut scandal in Lithuania, Can they lose the licence?

Anybody knows more about this Russian involvement scandal?


Would have been nice to hear about it, as I wouldn’t be happy at all for any amount of Russian interest nearby. They have been “temporarily” occupied our country for 40 years, and that was pretty much more than enough of them for several lifetimes. Rebuttal is good, an investigation with a negative result would have been even better. But that’s just my opinion, and (like an a**hole) everyone have one.


I also think there aren’t any connections to Russia anyone should be worried about, but this statement is pure propaganda. There is no “paranoia against russia, because of the Sovjet-Time”. Russia has annexed a peninsula from a neighboring country and is waging war in Europe; it is responsible for thousands of deaths including innocent people on their way to Malaysia. That’s reason enough for being worried without even thinking of Soviet times. (and if that shouldn’t be enough, they’ve been linked to poisonings, spies have been busted, they’ve likely meddled with elections, and there are proven violations of international law and other contracts – a certain amount of caution is certainly in order)


Well - there’s propaganda everywhere; there’s no objective news to be found… I don’t want to go political again, so i’ll keep it “small”:

Always remember the X-Files and “the man with the dark voice”: “a truth is best hidden between two lies”… Don’t trust one side because they say “the other one’s bad”, mistrust all who want to tell you “what is truth”

As I said - lets wait for investigations and its results; an accusation is no evidence of guilt… (goes for everything)…

Sometimes this is true. But it is a misconception that if one side is lying the other automatically must be lying too.

Anyway, there is no evidence for any meaningful ties to Russia, so for now this topic can be entirely ignored.

I read the article and each accusation it is making against Revolut is based on either heresay or a rumour. Sometimes it mentions vague sources, but totally misses to reference to actual quotes, people, dates and anything that is required for quality journalism and the identification of facts. The article itself is about spreading a rumour and baseless defamation.


Old news. Local media in my country covered this already some time ago and came to conclusion that its pure propaganda. Revolut will not lose licence over this cr*p, dont worry.


Don’t believe everything you read

But in the same time don’t think everything is printed which is there to know…

It’d be nice if Revolut could get some closer ties with Russia so we can hold RUB tbh


Actually it is extraordinary that RUB is not a supported balance currency, given that Revolut was founded by a Russian. I’d like to see BYN and UAH supported too. If you can’t hold a balance in a currency, then Revolut is unsuitable for spending in that currency at weekends.

Revolut had launched in Russia at one point but they had to kill it off, iirc.


Pretty sure RUB sees a constant 1.5% markup until the weekend when it’s 2%, so it doesn’t matter much.

Yes, why not? I’ve been to Belarus four times, and would highly recommend it. It’s all the best things about Russian culture without most of the worst things. And being a dictatorship, it has almost no street crime. Very safe place.

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My apologies :joy: I didn’t know what currency BYN was!

There’s nothing bad about Russian culture :stuck_out_tongue:

Dictatorships do work, I suppose

Next time you don’t recognise a currency code, here’s a tip: :wink:

Thanks, Google. Icelandic Krone and the good old Weißrussier Rubel :face_with_monocle:

Now if only you remembered my German ist nicht gud and showed me things in English :joy:

Its kinda ridiculous all that anti-Russian movement. Not only in revolut situation, but in general!

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For the dictators, I suppose.

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Minsk is where it’s at these days!

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Eh, it can work for a country itself actually if the dictator knows what they’re doing.

The downside of course is if they’re trash at running the country, you have to find a way to remove them from power.