Revolut’s web trading terminal looks slick 📈

Revolut’s desktop trading app didn’t get much attention here. With today‘s announcement to stop charging custody fees, this is an intriguing trading platform.

We’re removing custody fees, meaning we no longer ‌charge for holding your stocks and ETFs with a third-party broker on your behalf.

This change is reflected in the updated T&Cs and will be effective from 1 March 2024.

Who has played around with it?

(EEA only as far as I know.)


Hi! Thanks Frank, I was looking for chats on Trading Desktop.

I just posted some ideas in another post - I think it needs some improvements, both on the seamless use between mobile app & desktop and connectivity. Have a look if you have other suggestions.

I am using it, but honestly I am much more focused on Yahoo Finance (where I have all my portfolio memorized). I only wished Yahoo Finance could link to Revolut, like they do with Chase or other US-based brokers.

Overall, my impression is that it is nice but we can really do without. Having the news and the flexibility to adjust the workspace is slick, but… that’s it. The better fees is the real reason for getting the Desktop feature, my view. Until they make it really useful, that’s all I care about unfortunately.

And I really miss not having a proper API to link all this. Like in other modern platforms.

Cheers, and thanks again!


Hello @nappy :wave: ,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! We really appreciate it. Rest assured, we’ll pass it along to our team for future reference. Stay tuned for more updates! :rocket:

SG | Community Team

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