Revolut Rewards absolutely NOT WORTH IT don't get fooled

Hi all, just wanted to chime in and say that using Revolut’s Rewards Feature is absolutle horrible and not worth it. I used Nike, Gallerie Lafayette and Trainline rewards. After 90 days there is still no cashback in my account. I have reached out about a 15 times to the Customer Service and they keep stalling with excuses that the rewards team is on it. They need to confirm with the merchant. They have not received any news. Etc. The sick thing of it all is that all the rewards I have outstanding add up to about 20 Euros. It is totally not worth it, the time I spent chasing customer service with my current salary is at least 50 EUR lol. Just wait for a deal on the merchants website you wanna buy from because you will never get that money from Revolut. Save some time and hassle and just buy without the rewards!


The one purchase from Gallery Lafayette was back in JULY 2020 and they still did not manage to give me the cashback. So so bad haha I wonder who is running that project?

I hate that feature, it is ad and now they have a freaking dedicated button in the menubar :frowning: