Revolut removed quick way how to check current FX rates

Just noticed that my fav way how to quickly check exchange rate for any currency is now gone.
^ Does not work anymore.

BAD, Revolut. :-1: :-1: :-1:

p.s. For EUR -> USD you can use app to check, but what about EUR -> THB for example. Impossible to check now… :frowning:

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You can set a pair under Revolut app->Rates->Add currency pair.


What about the “rates” section where you can set up your relevant rates pairs as you like? :thinking:

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I noticed it had gone from the Accounts tab replaced with Exchange. Now have to go to More tab and click Rates on the top line. Minor irritation but no big thing

You can also get it via “Exchange”, and then the “Rates” icon in the upper right corner. (iOS, latest version).

Thanks, everyone, for advice how to add currency pairs in app.
Now at least I can check rates in app.

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This functionality was always there. :wink:

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it’s sad they removed the public API though, it was good for programmatic comparison