Revolut reissuing cards for no reason

Revolut have sent me an email last week telling me that I am very lucky and that they are “issuing a select group of customers with a siny new virtual debit card.” Apparently, it comes “with increased acceptance at merchants. We’re sure you’ll love it!”

Needless to say, I hate it! They are going to replace a card that is still valid for three more years and that I have registered with many merchants. Now it “will continue working for the next 60 days and will then be terminated.” Meaning, I have to update all my services.

Today I have received the new card with what apparently is a Ukrainian BIN (WTF?)… What is all this about, does anybody know?

@resolut Did they changed mastercard to visa or vice versa for you? If not then what they did mean was that they probably changed bin range from “prepaid” to “debit”. My friend got such e-mail too. Higly unlikely its ukrainian BIN, just probably some new/old range - not all db’s updated it yet properly.

Old and new are both Mastercard.

Maybe. But then why not just add a new range istead of replacing it? They could just have issued a new debit card. (I’m on a Metal plan with cards left.) This is a major inconvenience for people who choose Revolut for convenience.